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March-June 2015

Innovation Labs is a pre-acceleration program that advances tech creativity and entrepreneurial drive among young professionals and students. The Innovation Labs program has 3 tracks:

Join the buzzing conversation between people and devices that is revolutionizing our interaction with environments and even with our bodies! What smart device should we put on our wrists or desks to better master our lives? What about monitoring devices, smart beacons, weather sensors, smart home appliances, or the machine-to-machine data driven insights? Find more about the opportunity and the challenge of IoT startups!

Internet of things

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Join the global community of network guardians who keep our online lives out of harm’s way! New technological advances afford the virtualization of network functions, replacing the need for dedicated devices with lower cost equipment, such as x86 platforms, and lowering costs for software innovation. Read more about the opportunity and challenge of virtualizing and advancing network security in the emerging hardware environment.

Network Security

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Join the global community who finds mobile solutions that enhance, style and share our lives! Developapps for learning, health, tracking, time management, finance, opportunity search and many others – or boost the inner workings of apps, such as real-time data evaluation systems, location-based services,or internal event logs. Find more about the opportunity and the challenge of mobile development!


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Registration will start on February 1st. If you want to stay in touch with the program, please leave your e-mail address.

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