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Fact: as access to technology broadens, options multiply and decisions are harder to make. “The grass is greener on the other side” syndrome affects all modern life sectors, including education and career options. “What if I should’ve picked that other college instead of this one?” Fact: students often drop out of college because they realize they didn’t make the right choice. Studies have shown that the most reassuring decision-making process is the one where one gets to consult peers. Simply put – there’s a better chance of making a good, informed decision if you can consult others that are in the know. Jamstudy might just be the solution to connect resources and information to people seeking it. It’s a platform designed to work as a middle ground between a social network and a search engine, all the while focusing on building bridges between people, helping them keep each other informed. Jamstudy aims to harness the power of digital communities to solve this problem. This is a tool that can help students build an informed career path, by bringing together peers with similar interests, as well as connecting people with the institutions that best fit their options. The platform is a digital hub for Highschoolers to read reviews and chat with students to find a suited program, and for students to search for Masters programs, exchange initiatives and job opportunities, therefore guiding them towards their desired goal. Jamstudy is also a place for universities to promote their programs and for companies […]

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At the end of 3 eventful months, the Innovation Labs jury has elected the winning teams at the end of a very intense Demo Day. Skipping to the part about the winners and the prizes wouldn’t give this event the full credit it deserves, but if you’re really busy and just need to see who won, feel free to scroll at the end. For the rest of you, here’s a review of what our guests thought to be a really good event: Atmosphere 300 tech and innovation aficionados took over the New York Auditorium room at the Pullman hotel this Monday, as Innovation Labs Demo Day was about to start. Andrei Pitiș, a well-established figure on the Romanian and global entrepreneurship stage hosted the event. Before the first pitch, Julien Ducarroz (CCO at Orange Romania) talked about how Orange values innovation as one of its core growth elements, offering their support for the Innovation Labs teams. The jury was a great mix of entrepreneurs, technical experts and innovation managers in renowned companies: Bogdan Iordache (Co-founder How To Web); Julien Ducarroz (CCO Orange Ro), Cristian Pațachia (Development & Innovation Manager, Orange Ro), Ștefan Slavnicu (CTO Orange), Jean-Baptiste Dernoncourt (GM Carrefour Ro), Petru Jucovschi (Technology Business Evangelist, Microsoft), Teodor Ceaușu (Country Manager, Ixia Romania), Adrian Capătă (GM Fotonation), Bogdan Rîpă (Ex-Director of Product Management, Adobe), Vladimir Oane (Product Director, Hootsuite), Dragoș Mănescu (Project Manager, Adobe), Florian Gheorghe (Advisory Board Member, AXOSUITS). Pitching sessions The Internet of Things pitches were sharp, to the […]

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They came in with amazing ideas. Thanks to our dedicated mentors, the teams’ ideas are now shaping up into MVPs – real, usable products that address existing needs in an innovative way. Over 71 ideas signed up for the Hackathon events in Bucharest and Cluj. 24 teams from Bucharest and 6 from Cluj were selected to enter the 3 months of intensive mentoring and product development. From wearables designed to aid patients with chronic, life-threatening conditions to gadgets made to enhance sports results or apps trying to redefine the way we interact with the places around us, every single product that came into the program was carefully crafted to best serve the interests of the user group it was designed for. This was possible due to the dedication of our mentors which offered their expertise and insights to support the teams – so thanks to each and every one of those who spent late nights with us, helping build real products from ambitious ideas! What are we expecting to see at Demo Day? Mature pitches, realistically planned products and market strategies, but most importantly, regardless of how the products perform (let’s remember that for most of the participants this is the first attempt at launching a start-up), a selection of the finest minds and sky-high enthusiasm available today. It’s safe to say that everyone’s expectations are high – as they should be. Good luck to the teams and many thanks to our partners, who helped us enable the teams to […]