Swimpal – a disruptive measu...

Gamification is gaining ground. But not in the water, at least not until now. We live in a society where people set goals and track milestones and compare results on social networks, and this is making them more driven. Technology helps in this scheme by coming up with all sorts of measurement enhancements, but somehow the picture is missing something. Running is the cool kid gaining lots of attention and means of measuring, Now it’s time for swimming to join the pool and this is where Swimpal is going to disrupt: Swimpal is about bringing the same level of engagement to swimming through the personalized solution that gives swimmers the chance to measure, compare and share their progress. Swimpal is perfect for amateur swimmers of all ages. Swimpal wants to do one thing and one thing good: to give real time feedback during swims. The solution is a ready to use device (No callibration; Small package; Easy to attach; High autonomy) and a mobile app that will have a user-centered design and in-app gamification. The device will work based on vibrations and will help swimmers track their progress to their goal. Compared to available solutions that are usually wristbands, Swimpal is truly ergonomic as it attaches to one’s goggles so there’s no need to go into the pool with an extra accessory. The team held group interviews to understand customer needs in order to deliver a simple solution for swimming lovers. They already have a tested prototype and they are […]

Fingerdrum Master – play mus...

The gaming industry is booming, but it’s safe to say that for the vast majority of games, the sole purpose is light entertainment. The music industry is also booming, but instruments are kind of hard to learn. See the connection? What if games could teach us how to play musical instruments, or at least get us closer to learning a new instrument? Here’s Fingerdrum Master, an app that promises to deliver the Guitar Hero experience on mobile devices, with reduced costs and the same level of fun. Because learning to play a new musical instrument requires major time and money investments, and there’s also a lot of stiffness in the classical music teaching methods, it was about time the software industry came up with a solution that’s logistically easier and it can offer a great educational value. And yes, it’s also fun. How does it work Their tagline is Play music fo’ real. And that’s what you do. All you need to do is install the app, select one of the three levels (you get to choose between beginner / intermediate / expert) and start following the buttons that light up. The app gives you feedback and points according to your performance. Why will it work It’s easy – mobile has a very fast growth rate, apps are booming, and this is the next level in entertainment, beacuse it transforms consumers into creators of their own content, it’s what everyone is raving about…and, well, the EDM music is growing too. […]

Epilepsy Seizure Detection –...

At the moment, epilepsy affects around 65 million people globally and, in about 70% percent of the cases, there is no known cause. Each year at least 200k people are diagnosed with epilepsy worldwide. The Epilepsy Combat team aims to help patients through a device that can use heart rate in order to detect a seizure and send an alarm to people around and to a guardian’s phone. They plan to do it by using the existing devices which monitor the heart rate. They want to analyze the information, combine more sensors and then act. The watch will be connected to the person’s phone through Bluetooth Low Energy. When a seizure will be triggered the app will give an alarm to the guardian’s phone with more information regarding medication, time and GPS coordinates. It also alerts the people around about the seizure and it also gives them advice on how to help those in need. After they acquire enough data from the patients, the team wants to improve their detection algorithm and add new features such as in-app communication between users. In addition to that, they want to design their own brace and include other measurements as well so the information will be more accurate. Also, they want to personalize the app for each user and keep the heart rate information to be accessed and used by the patient’s doctor through a subscription. Beside mentors and doctors from both Romania and The Netherlands, Epilepsy Combat team has 4 members. Vlad […]