Boost Day Internet of Things a...

Exciting times! On April 29that TechHub, the Innovation Labs IoT teams showcased the progress on their ideas in front of mentors, investors and partners in order to get valuable feedback that could help them make the difference between products that ai???were almost thereai??? and products that managed to ai???hit the spotai???. After getting the impressions of the audience, they now have less than 4 weeks to prepare for DemoDay, where the decisive presentations will take place. Hereai??i??s the ideas and projects that evolve during the first month of Innovation Labs: Eskimo is a solution that helps advanced skiers lessen their chances of accident during slope descends. Even though skiers think they are too good to make risky moves on the slope, thatai??i??s not true. The biggest issue skiers face is putting too much stress on their knee joints and this is where Eskimo steps in. Eskimo knee brace aims to improve skiersai??i?? experience and technique while giving them feedback on their performance directly on their smartphones. Being the first wearable for monitoring and improving ski stances, they are targeting advanced skiers in order to prevent them from hurting their knees. Parkme is all about not wasting time and patience while looking for a parking spot. The solution aims to decrease traffic and wasted resources while helping drivers and service owners alike. By using the service, the drivers will be able to find the closest parking spot, do reservations and handle ticketing. Service owners will be able to take care of […]

FindThat ai??i?? closer to the...

In todayai??i??s world, we face a recurrent issue while watching ads and commercials and realize they are not created for regular people. Consequently, the general feeling is that of non-relating with what adverts have to offer. FindThat addresses this problem and tries to offer a solution: that of easily finding what we see around us. The app has a simple concept: the users photograph a product they like around them and they instantly get information about where they can buy it. Therefore, each item around turns into a personalized add based on the usersai??i?? tastes and preferences. The app wants to help people find what they need and show them details about the products, while also giving a list of possible purchasing locations around them. The photographs users take enter a search in the appai??i??s database, created based on product photos provided by retailers. Whenever a product is not found the database, the app offers a community solution, which helps you search for more information about the product you are looking for. The application is designed for different needs and audiences, starting from women who look for fashion items, men who want new gadgets or users who want to buy gifts. The app wonai??i??t be focused solely on a retailer and tries to incorporate as much products as it can, giving users the chance to find what they are looking for. At the moment, the team is working on getting testing material to find out how the app is working […]

Veiled: the shoppersai??i?? tr...

Urban shoppers have become smarter at filtering Ads that come in a non-engaging, static shape. We now live in an era in which we need to get more creative about placing our messages, or we risk getting lost in the communications cluster and never reach the targeted customer. Veiled is a mobile app that promises a new way of placing offers that will entertain consumers and revolutionize advertising. It is targeted for the young generation who has become tired of traditional advertising and needs a more interactive approach. Imagine the entire city as a huge canvas that can be filled with offers and discounts ready to be picked by those who pass them by. Any user who downloads Veiled can get notifications about nearby offers, use augmented reality to search the surroundings for the specific store and then claim the offer and collect it on the spot. Why use Veiled? With the gamification of nearly everything, people are incentivized when they receive a challenge. Therefore, the discounts and coupons that donai??i??t leverage the creative possibilities of today will simply be ignored by younger, digital-savvy audiences. Enter Veiled, the new way to interact with offers and with the city, like a treasure hunt. We asked the team to say a few words about Innovation Labs and the programai??i??s role in developing their product: “We came to the Innovation Labs Program to learn more about how to grow our startup, also to make sure that our idea is sustainable and get in […]