Research tool that goes beyond the declarative state and analyses brain and biometric reactions to communication.

The problem:

Marketers don’t know exactly which parts of their advertising or communication strategy generate the highest positive reactions and which ones are rejected by their customers (at a nonconscious level). The results that they get from traditional research do not accurately predict consumer behavior.

The solution:

We are developing a software that allows researchers and marketers to establish correlations between different stimuli and the brain patterns of people participating in the research. The data will be collected through EEG headsets and will be matched with the stimuli presented to the participant.

Target users:

There are 2 segments: research or advertising agencies that buy the service for their clients and “end-user” companies, that are the direct beneficiaries – medium to large companies, local or multinational, from B2C sectors like FMCG, automotive, retail, beauty & healthcare, pharma, banking, etc.


The innovation comes from the ability to gain non-conscious input about people’s reactions to advertising and integrate that into the company’s marketing and communication strategy.


Ana Iorga