City 365

We make a map based mobile app that shows the users all the discounts available near them.

The problem:

One of the problems we solve is that we help users find things cheaper and faster and also guide them how to get to that place.

The solution:

Our mobile app notifies the user about the places with discounts near them and also lets them browse through the offers. When an user chooses an offer, we show him how to get there with the GPS navigation system.

Target users:

Our customers are the business owners that want to promote their business (coffee shop, library, etc.) with this tool, or sell perishable products faster.

The users are the people that download the app and want more free stuff and discounts.


We notify the users in real time when they pass by a place that has discounts. When a user browses through the discounts and likes one, we have a “take me there” button that using the GPS system guides the user to that place. Our app downloads the discounts once a day so it works offline after that.


Cristian Dan, Raul Cristian Deac, Marcel Ionescu, Mara Renata Petrusel