CODA Footprint

Transparency & instant reaction to zero-day security threats by monitoring your critical application's security footprint

The Problem

The IT security market is full of reactive, signature-based products which are unable to react to brand-new, unknown attacks (zero-days). Management lacks accurate, timely reporting and benchmarking of IT-related risk and transparency into operations, as the two worlds are totally separated.

The Solution

Our product is designed to automatically discover the critical services and monitor their security footprint over time. We release realtime alerts in case new vulnerabilities are discovered for existing services or when new services appear in the organization’s footprint which create a new exposure.

Target Users

Our customer target includes large enterprise, government and IT service provider organizations that manage a complex IT infrastructure with sensitive data. Our main sponsor is top-management. We provide added value for all organizational levels: CxO, IT Management up to Service Managers and System/Security Admins.


We offer instant reaction capabilities to protect our customers against critical IT security threats. We bridge the gap between IT operations and management by providing meaningful, real-time information on the IT security risk and remediation towards all relevant stakeholders.



Cristian S─ândescu, Andrei Neagoe, Octavian Grigorescu, Bogdan Calapod