Coinfetti is the first mobile app that convers Bitcoin to fiat on a prepaid debit card.

The problem:

Spending Bitcoins. If you want to spend Bitcoin, the store/merchant has to accept Bitcoin. Right now there aren’t that many merchants/stores that accept Bitcoin.

The solution:

Our solution is to convert Bitcoin on a prepaid debit card instantly. You convert your Bitcoins only when you need.

Target users:

Bitcoin traders, miners and people that keep their money in Bitcoin.


  1. Our approach. Rather than targeting merchants, we target consumers and allow anybody to spend Bitcoins.
  2. We provide a solution for a current problem. We are the bridge between the old technology(the prepaid cards) and Bitcoin.
  3. We do it INSTANT.


Mihai Trandafir, Dragos - Cristian Birsan, Alexandru Negru, Cristian Palasanu