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Disruptive Retail



Bring your own fresh ideas into a world that strives for new types of business-customer interaction.

Join the retail revolution by merging mobile applications, IoT sensors and devices, cloud service and powerful data analytics in order to create seamless consumer experiences across sites, stores and mobile apps. Harness the diversity of social media, engineer interaction with staff, fine-tune recommender systems and create meaningful customer-retailer relationships based on personalization, choice, and quality of service.

Established and emerging technologies are recasting retail: the roles of stores, sites, apps, staff, and product information are co-evolving towards a seamless online-offline experience.

Innovation Labs invites teams to join the retail revolution: bring together people’s retail insights with technologies that take advantage of massive advances in mobile access, cloud services, real-time data collection and analysis, and social media.


There is an abundance of information on customers’ preferences, retail experiences and product evaluations – matched only by rapidly evolving technologies that enable even faster and more diverse interactions of people, devices, and algorithms.   Take advantage of a fast growing trend of creativity in retail solutions, and find your place in a dynamic, colorful and information-rich industry!

InnovatioLabs and Onyx Beacon brings forth the opportunity to use a ready-made, high security and long battery life solution for smart beacons, that can be integrated in your retail solution in order to provide you with real time date on user position/ proximity to hot spots / heat-maps and other data that can be provide by Onyx Beacon's solutions. More details: http://www.onyxbeacon.com/beacon-hardware
Our main partner, Carrefour will provide you with invaluable feedback, both during mentorship session, but also by providing the possibility for you to test your solution in a real world scenario, in one of their stores.


Diversity and abundance require choices, and you will have to fine-tune the niche for your product. Who will be your users, and how can you grasp their interests and preferences? How can you gather and convey the ‘just right’ information for swift and satisfactory decision-making?

Last but not least, there is the challenge of finding a business model for your product – keeping in mind that the most important source of financing for your startup may well be your customers.

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Full Screen Digital

About the project

Openmind Retail Analytics is looking at the intrinsic mechanism of decision making in order to generate actionable insights for any retail business. Our analytics technology uses Wi-Fi mobile data generated in real-time to create behavioral information. This way we can create real-time descriptive analytics around consumption patterns and match these with business specific information to optimize commerce & operations


About the project

Nivalis distributes through a mobile app the current active deals of a retailer to its customers based on their interests. We charge the retailers for location analytics about their clients, marketing campaigns metrics and access to the user database orde red on interests for pushing surveys and specialized offers.