EasyDoor means a key wallet: using it, you remotely unlock the door, you enter, and it closes after you.

The Problem

We solve the following problems: 1) inconvenient use of multiple keys/access cards; 2) giving access to doors for people who don’t have access and they need it and have rights for it. We ensure a simplified and cost-effective infrastructure, with simple installation.

The Solution

Our solution is based on wireless/3G or 4G and bluetooth smart technologies. We use iBeacon protocol to uniquely identify the door and to give users the possibility to open it. All communications are over a wireless media and we use the cloud for maintaining the server which is the “brain” of the system.

Target Users

Customers: manufacturers of security systems, office buildings constructors, companies who administrate their own buildings, hotels, AirBNB, Apple/Google/Microsoft calendars.

Users: employees and tourists.


Our innovation is the flexibility of installation and the flexibility of use provided by our system to customers. EasyDoor system has no cable, except for the power supply, and users can open doors effortlessly.



Adrian Dragoș Mutascu, Dragoș Alin Iancu, Mihai Popa, Daniel Stanciu