Epilepsy Seizure Detection

Real-time detection of epileptic seizures based on heart rate, motion and other features using wearable technology.

The Problem

At a simple search we found out that 15-20% of death causes for people with epilepsy are related to SUDEP or prolonged seizures. Electroencephalography used in hospitals is not convenient for long term usage and the few existent applications create frequent fake alarms or are not medically certified.

The Solution

We are collaborating with doctors to medically certify the product. We combine heart rate with motion information and other features in one app with a better precision algorithm to detect epileptic seizures in real-time. The app is tuned on every patient through a series of short tests.

Target Users

There are approximately 25 million people with refractory epilepsy. Caregivers are desperate to find a system in which they trust. It is disturbing to wake up at night to check the patient, and they need a system which offers safety, comfort and which is easy to use in a long term.


Epilepsy Seizure Detect (the prototype) was the first app on Android with real-time detection of epileptic seizures based on heart rate. We want to make a new app – the first which combines all the existent features tuned on every patient, in order to reduce the false alarms close to zero.



George Cristian Moisa, Vlad Mihai Teohari, Cristian Soare, Radu Ștefan Rogojină