Eskimo is an innovative, non intrusive knee brace designed to help skiers adapt their position and moves, reducing the risk of injuries during descends.

The Problem

Skiers hurt their knees due to lack of training and experience . This is because they don’t have something or someone who can tell them, every time they ski , what moves not to do in order not to hurt their legs through falling or adopting an incorrect position.

The Solution

Our solution is a knee brace which will monitor the stress level present in the knee during descents. This information is processed and then sent to users’ smartphone , so that he can view their moves in 3D and see which ones not to repeat next time .

Targeted Users

Our targeted customers are medium to professional skiers .


We are offering a non-intrusive way of monitoring users’ movements. Also, by creating a user profile, we are able to formulate slope recommendations for users, so that they would ski on the slopes that best fit their riding style.



Cristofor Rotsching, Oana Stroie, Alex Augurencei, Andrei Țuicu