Simple and elegant cloud solution for the payment of parking fees.

The Problem

The agglomeration created by the current parking system forces you to waste valuable time entering, trying to pay, hoping that you have change in your pocket and trying to leave.

The Solution

Whenever you enter a parking that uses our system, your car is automatically recognized. No need for change in your pocket, no need to get out of the car and no lines.

Target users

The purpose is to create a ‘drivers’ community’ including most of the 1.6 million drivers in Bucharest, as well as managers of parking lots. Drivers will benefit from using the system-smart parking, and managers will gain the ability to target exactly the drivers in their shopping center.


Intelligent use of existing technology to solve the inconvenience generated by the existing parking system.



Ionela Neicuț, Radu Matei, Radu Ungureanu