FindThat is a mobile app that helps users find where to buy products they saw and photographed.

The problem:

People see something around them (on a street, in a TV ad, etc) and they don’t know where they can buy that product, or where to find information about it. Ideal for women and men interested in shopping, and even for parents who don’t know where to buy their kids the toys they saw on TV.

The solution:

Our solution will offer users a list of nearby stores where they can buy what they saw, and information about the item, based on a database of photos of products from retailers. If said product is not found in our database, a community would be available to search for more information.

Target users:

“Users: women interested in shopping, parents looking for kids’ toys from ads.

Who might pay for it: retailers.”


We will offer an approach where we don’t focus on one retailer specifically (like Amazon’s app). At the same time, we will not be so general that we cannot offer relevant information (like CamFind).


Ioana - Adina Stavăr, Antonio - Ioan Gavrilă, Cezar - George Agrigoroaei, Alexandru Encica