Fingerdrum Legend

Guitar hero experience for fingerdrumming that teaches you music production fundamentals

The problem:

Playing a musical instrument is hard, and not many mobile games teach skills that can be applied in real life also. Life is sometimes boring and we need a break from reality, there aren’t many options for smart, creative and engaging mobile entertainment yet.

The solution:

Smart and useful gaming,  edutainment, with very playful learning, the primary focus being on entertainment. The education is barely noticeable, but is very powerful. The mobile app teaches people the basics of rhythms,beats, difference between music genres, and gives an introduction to understanding music production through a highly engaging and addictive mobile game.

Target users:

Mid-core gamers, aged 13-35 (sweet spot  at around 30) who are already spending a minimum of 5$/month on mobile games, are interested in electronic music, are probably familiar with hip-hop culture and sampling, and possibly already tried learning to play an instrument. They play in 20 minute sessions, in bed in the mornings and evenings, during commutes, or when they have down time during the day.


Teaching real music skills that can be applied to all types of production hardware through an immersive gaming experience, teaching real time playing of music (more as a piano instead of just looping sounds and sequencing them)


Csongor Horvath