Graduate is an educational platform acting as a virtual social center and guide for students all around the world.

The problem:

Pupils and students don’t choose the right study/education path for them because the information is either lacking or scattered all over the internet. Youngsters wanting to study in another city or another country don’t have any credible contacts or informal sources of information.

The solution:

In this platform all the faculties have a profile which contains a news feed, basic info, student programs, potential job positions, reviews and ratings, mentors and all the students enrolled, available to chat. The pupil can create a shortlist of faculties and make connections.

Target users:

Youngsters interested in going to university, bachelors interested in local or abroad master’s programs, freshmen looking for insights, university students leaving in exchange programs like Erasmus, NGO members looking to provide accurate information and even faculties who manage their profiles.


We centralize everything. We want to bring all the information in one place. If you are leaving for university or in an exchange program, if you are looking for a job, if you are a freshman and want to gain insights, access Graduate and in a few seconds you reach all the information you need.


Andrei Daniel Manolache, Cosmin Cabaroiu, Stefan Silviu, Adrian Stoica