menoo is a platform that enables restaurants to have a professional photocentric digital menu with minimum friction.

The problem:

Sometimes, plain text menus don’t express the real value of the dishes created by restaurants. In order to change something in a menu, a restaurant has to redo all the physical menus which is costly. The client has to wait for the waiter to bring the menu.

The solution:

A smartphone app, both iOS and Android that let’s you explore the menu immediately. A cloud backend for restaurant owners to make changes in the menu with minimum friction and in real time.

Target users:

Mid-to-high restaurants, and their “app-hoolic” customers (or more friendly spoken, the people who are always in touch with the newest apps which can guide their busy lives).


All photos in the menu are photographed by professional photographers chosen by us and respecting our strict guidelines.


Liviu Neg, Andrei Radulescu