Newzeum is a smartphone app that enhances the museum experience in Romania.

The problem:

For museums: lack of modern solutions to communicate about exhibits and events.

For visitors: lack of information about exhibits and events, on or off location.

The solution:

A platform that connects all museums with visitors and gives them information about what is exhibited. Visitor can choose a museum from a list/map and is given the possibility to listen to audioguides, read descriptions, favourite exhibits and share them on social media.

Target users:

Museum administrators / Museum visitors / Tourists


The little competition (only few museums have similar solutions) that is now in the market provides a poor experience (app UX, lack of content) for the visitor. Newzeum solves these problems in an organised platform that gathers museums from all over the country.


Dorin Cucicov, Ion Turcanu, Iulia Turcanu