Nu te supăra

An easy-to-use system that helps customers notify the waiter when they need them.

The Problem

In a busy restaurant, when customers try to get the attention of a waiter, they often struggle by gesticulating and holding their hands up while interrupting their meal or conversation.


The Solution

The solution that we provide consists of a system where customers scan a QR code or a NFC tag and press a single button that gets the waiter notified on a central display at the bar or on a phone that they hold.


Target Users

Our target customers are venues that have a big number of tables outdoor or a jigsaw (many rooms/floors) kind of layout where waiters aren’t able to see all the tables.


We are unique because we bring an easy-to-use, app free virtual solution to notify the waiter that can be highly customizable. Through our solution customers can find out about upcoming events and special offers from the venue right after notifying the waiter.



Nicolae Mihaiu, Radu Țăpuș, Ioana Fotea