ParkMe helps drivers find the nearest free parking spot in high traffic urban environments.

The Problem

Whether you are a visitor in a residential community, a week-end driver going to the shopping mall, or commuting to the office, finding a parking place is always a problem. Our product solves the problem of finding an empty parking slot in crowded urban environments.

The Solution

A parking monitoring solution based on wireless sensor nets and a SAAS platform. Parking slots are monitored using low-cost wireless sensors; data is aggregated by centralizer modules. Drivers access parking info through a mobile app; park administrators access parking metrics and real-time info.

Target users

Our typical user is the urban driver, having difficulties finding an available parking slot at peak hours.

Our target customers are parking spaces owners and administrators (shopping centers owners, local authorities, traffic monitoring agencies, residential communities).


The innovation brought by our product aims to be the wireless sensor. We intend to develop a cheap battery-powered wireless sensor; the operating lifetime of a sensor will be measured in years. We intend to make the sensor technology a commodity, making it affordable to deploy in various scenarios.



Matei Chiperi, Andrei Antone