Maintain several phone numbers on the same phone. Use rules for forwarded calls between these numbers.


The problem:

People don’t want to give their private phone number in lots of situations. We allow them to create temporary phone numbers to give out in those situations.

The solution:

A mobile app that allows a user to

– request additional phone numbers (and release them when no longer needed)

– manage rules of when to allow calls on these numbers and when they should be redirected to your private number

– make calls with one of the requested phone numbers

Prototype exists.

Target users:

Medical doctors / Psychotherapists / Lawyers / People involved in transactions – e.g. selling/buying stuff on websites like,, etc.


We add functionality to create simple rules for forwarding calls to your “public” numbers to your private number: e.g. Do not receive calls outside working hours.


Vlad Botos, Anghel Botos, Paul Pernes, Zsolt Marton Vayas