Waldo is an intelligent alarm system for urban cyclists that keeps you connected to your bike anytime, anywhere.

The problem:

Bicycle theft in cities. In France alone, more than 400 000 bikes are stolen each year. To prevent this from happening, cyclists do not leave their bikes unattended or lock them with two or three chains/U-locks.

The solution:

Waldo – comprised of a device mounted on the bike and a mobile app. If someone is tampering with the bike, it triggers a loud alarm and notifies the user on his smartphone. If the bike does get stolen, it can be tracked using GPS.

Target users:

Urban cyclists with a medium to high income who have paid more than €500 for their bikes.


Unlike other similar products on the market, the device is almost impossible to take off, as it is electronically locked on the bike. Moreover, it is placed in a strong case that protects it from blows or kicks.


Radu Țuțueanu, Adrian Bobîrneci, Andrei Târziu