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Who we are...?

The REAP (Robotics and Applied Electronics) group is part of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers. At our core, we have three priorities:

  • Research & Development (the CISL laboratory)
  • Education on Robotics & Applied Electronics (the REAP laboratory)
  • Start-up support center (through the CISL laboratory)

Our headquarter is the Complex Information Systems Lab (CISL) that creates digitally-powered, innovative hardware solutions for challenges in multiple industrial fields. We spot and tackle opportunities for medical tech, power & energy, smart city & Industrial IoT in multi-disciplinary teams.

Our designs and products optimize the combination of custom hardware (electronics devices, custom designed PCB’s, mechanical devices, enclosures) and dedicated algorithms & software (data filtering, processing, machine learning, communication protocols).

What we do...?

The Complex Information Systems Laboratory is on a mission to identify innovative solutions for challenges in medical tech, power & energy, smart city & industrial IoT.

CISL exploits the power of Big Data analytics and machine learning by building devices capable of acquiring new types of physical data. The synergy between novel kinds of data and machine learning opens a large exploration and development space, with ample opportunities for innovation, research and development, and economic growth - all centered on data-driven decisions.

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our projects / Students can be part of different projects and competitions. Students that want to be involved in the described projects are welcomed to contact the laboratory engineer, Daniel Rosner, by e-mail at daniel.rosner@tech-lounge.ro or directly, at room EF303.
Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti,
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