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March-June 2015

Innovation Labs is a pre-acceleration program that advances tech creativity and entrepreneurial drive among young professionals and students. The Innovation Labs program has 3 tracks:

Join the buzzing conversation between people and devices that is revolutionizing our interaction with environments and even with our bodies! What smart device should we put on our wrists or desks to better master our lives? What about monitoring devices, smart beacons, weather sensors, smart home appliances, or the machine-to-machine data driven insights? Find more about the opportunity and the challenge of IoT startups!

Internet of things

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Bring your own fresh ideas into a world that strives for new types of business-customer interaction. Join the retail revolution by merging mobile applications, IoT sensors and devices, cloud service and powerful data analytics in order to create seamless consumer experiences across sites, stores and mobile apps. Harness the diversity of social media, engineer interaction with staff, fine-tune recommender systems and create meaningful customer-retailer relationships based on personalization, choice, and quality of service.

Disruptive Retail

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Join the global community who finds mobile solutions that enhance, style and share our lives! Developapps for learning, health, tracking, time management, finance, opportunity search and many others – or boost the inner workings of apps, such as real-time data evaluation systems, location-based services,or internal event logs. Find more about the opportunity and the challenge of mobile development!


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Starting your IoT Project
Disruptive Retail

4 March, Bucharest & Cluj

18:00 - 19:00

Starting your IoT project. Session powered by Orange, Onyx Beacon, Wyliodrin and Cisco. If you are from Cluj, you can also join us live in Cluj, str. T. Mihaly 58-60, Babes-Bolayi University, FSEGA building, room C335

If you are from Bucharest, you can also join us live in Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei 313 street, University Politehnica of Bucharest, new UPB Library building, second floor, room 2.1

Imagine with Orange is a crowdsourcing platform for innovation, and a launchpad for entrepreneurs. Innovation Labs in collaboration with Orange now gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to validate their ideas among a global community, seek out support and get feedback on their ideas. The kind of topics that are tackled by the platform: education, retail, work, family, health and smart cities, all of which are ever changing due to digital technology.

Imagine with Orange presents the opportunity of crowd feedback and the possibility of enriching your idea thanks to a global community. It's the place where innovative digital services become reality.

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